Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Romanian lions and bad priests.

My beautiful friend Vicky came to stay with me this weekend, from daarn saarth, and we had a lovely time being very country in the Lincolnshire Wilderness I call home, except for an extreme series of fuck my life moments when Vicky fell very dramatically from a horse and then I - less dramatically but more annoyingly - lost my phone. It came back to me though, calm yourselves. Turns out, there isnt an awful lot to do in the South Yorkshire North Lincolnshire area, but we did go to the Yorkshire Wildlife park and see ROMANIAN LIONS. So much better than shitty African ones. They had been rescued from Romania (to the utopia of Doncaster, obvs). I love lions, ever since a childhood crush on Disney's Simba. Which with hindsight is more than a little disturbing.

Its so true.

There were meerkats aswell, and - I'm throwing it out there - if anyone wants to get me a meerkat for my birthday (18 DAYS GUYS NOT THAT IM EXCITED AT ALL). Or a wallaby, that would also be pretty cash. We went to pet them at feeding time and I was all like "Wallaby! Jump in my bag! I'll give you a good life!!" holding my bag open, and we got some seriously dodgy looks from the ranger. I think I could have made that wallaby happy.

Although I do look a bit like the wallaby equivolant of a peadophile here. A wallophile. 'Hmmmm, yesss, hello wallaby....'

Hilarious fun at the wildlife park aside, something seriously pissed me off this weekend. Some *insert expletive of choice* pastor in America thinks it a great idea to burn copies of the Qu'ran on the anniversairy of the 9/11 terrorist attacks?!?!?!?! Excuse me? Yes, its actually not a South Park joke. Reverand Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Centre, Florida, is organising a mass burning of the holy book of one of our earths major religions. As you probably no, I am not religious in the slight, but this makes me so angry. I just dont see why people feel they have the authority to decide that what they believe is definately right and therefore everyone else is wrong. Or actually, even if you think that, fair play as long as you dont BURN THEIR STUFF. Tezza Jones justifies what he's doing by quoting the Bible, paraphrased as any text than contradicts the Bible is evil an therefore should be destroyed. And somehow, he intends to go through with it, despite being advised by, well, pretty much the whole world, that its a total dickhead thing to do. Aside from the political implications, the direct prosecution of memers of a multi-cultural Western Society and the sheer pointlessness of it, its just such a wanky thing to do. I'm not religious myself, but I used to be very, and someof my closet friends have really strong faiths, and I see the joy and peace it brings to them, and I feel its a good thing.Why cant we just all believe what we believe, and mind our own fucking business when it comes to what makes other people happy? Gees, this doesnt even just apply to religion, its sexuality, dress sense, what kind of music we like - who the hell gave us the right to judge?

My uni friends - the A1 Mafia, now known as Club Heartbreak and The Love Shack respectively, had an unwritten (actually, it may have been written..) rule that we would not judge each other. The first rule of Mcnair... well, actually I'm not supposed to talk about it, but you get the gist. And that one simple rule has worked so well. We're so varied as a group, in backgrounds, morals, ideals and ambitions, but we all get on really well (mostly), cos we can say you know what, its different to me, but its you and I love you for it. And I'm gna stop writing now before this actually turns into a Martin Luther Jnr tribute speach.

But seriously Pastor Jones. Not cool.

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