This is a picture of my friend Vicky's sausage dog at my desk. It's been a highlight of the semester.

I am currently a first year doctoral candidate at the University of Liverpool in the UK, supervised by Sandeep Parmar and Lisa Regan. My research is in the field of literary modernism, where I look at editorial processes as manipulation of the readership, using the Little Review as a case study. I'm particularly interested in lesser known women writers, typography, James Joyce, intersectional feminism and audience 'participation'. 

If you're interested in reading about my research, and PhD life in general, you can click the 'Academic' tag on the right >>>>>

My recent academic achievements include being a panelist on the Modernist Podcast, on an episode about Women and Modernism. You can listed to it here.

I'm also the Editor for 'Agenbite', the James Joyce web-zine. For more information on this, click on the page above ^

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