The Agenbite

Agenbite of inwit. The again bite of inner wit. Joyce scholars have often understood this phrase as remorse of conscience, but we believe it can mean much more. Agenbite is the ripples that flow through you evermore, when you have been affected deeply by an event, person, or piece of art.

The Agenbite is a web-zine where contributors from across the world can share the ripples James Joyce has left in them. A place for academics to share their non academic thoughts, and for non academics to share their academic, The Agenbite published poetry, visual art, thought pieces, interviews and anything else we can get our hands on to celebrate, enjoy and challenge our relationship with Joyce.

To submit to The Agenbite, please contact editor Rio Matchett at

Submissions are warmly encouraged in the form of, but not restricted to:

-Thought pieces

A guideline of 300-500 words is advised, but we understand the length of submissions will be dependent on the format. The deadline for submissions to Issue 1 is February 28th 2017.

The Agenbite will be published monthly, starting in March 2017. Follow @TheAgenbite on twitter to stay in touch!

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