Hello! Thank you for dropping by.

So, what even is it? Well, over the years it's been a lot of things. For a while it was a personal blog, then it was an archive for creative projects (scroll back to pre-2014 for some real gems, I invite you). Recently it has evolved into an academic blog, home page for Agenbite, the James Joyce Zine, archive of creative projects, and a personal blog, because anyone who tells you you can't have it all is a liar. 

Image via The Public Face of Modernism, Mark Morrison 2001

Why Rogue? I'm not even really sure any more. When I was about 19, I accidentally dyed my hair with a platinum blonde streak, like Rogue from the X-Men. At some point I enjoyed the cheap subversion of Vogue. For a while I was  cabaret performer, and Rogue was part of my performer name. Right now, I'm reading for my PhD in modernist magazines (see 'Academic'), and whilst my research focuses on the Little Review, there was also a magazine called Rogue that I really love. Also, it alliterates with my name. 

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