Friday, 24 September 2010

Things I should know by now #184

No Rio, you do not have a Sat-Nav in your head. Know where you are going, BEFORE setting off.

This post is basically by way of an apology, to my wonderful and magnificent friend Vicky, who came on a literal exodus with me the other day. The reason for this epic journey was the afore mentioned faux fur gillet, which I had set my heart upon, and was obsessing over like a fat kid eats cake. My house to Wavertree - that should take about fifteen minutes strolling. I'd browsed google maps. I'd made estimations. It was all good.

An hour and a half later, we'd been to Childwall and back (for those of you not familiar with the districts of Merseyside, lets just say it was a fucking long way), and asked directions from lots of helpful scousers, including one heavily moustached woman. I think allowances can be made for not paying attention to directions in these situations. We still had not found the source of said gillet. Things could have gotten very nasty. It is at this point, I would like to made a very serious dedication to my Friend with a capital F Victoria, for not murdering me. It would have been entirely acceptable,  had dragged her halfway across the North West, on foot, and all she had to show for it was a Netto lettuce (we did find Netto. Its scandinavian for value).

There isnt a hilarious twist in the tale, we just did find the shop eventually, and I got the gillet. I'm just making the point that I no-one should ever take directions from me. Some of you will remember the time I drove to Liverpool, and ended up in Nottingham. Other tales include the time I actually did try to drive to Nottingham, with the vague notion that 'we would find the house when we got there'. It genuinely didn't occur to me that an address might be useful.

The moral of the story is, plan your goddam route.

Whilst were here, lets just talk fur. The above is obviously faux, which I'm not sure anyone coud object to except possibly on grounds of tackiness, but thats alright. Now, speaking as a vegitarian and general person in favour of animals, I do think fur is pretty damn wrong. Killing another creature, whatever it may be, to look fashionable ain't cool. To be honest, I think most people agree on that nowadays. But, what about vintage furs? At my mums house, there are two beautiful fur coats of my grandmas, and I cant decide whether it would be acceptable to wear them or not. I never have done, but I feel like perhaps its ok because I didnt buy them new? I didnt buy them at all in fact. But does that make it ok to wear them?I dunno. Im leaning towards not, but thoughts would be appreciated!!

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