Friday, 15 October 2010

I refuse to give up my maxi

Fineeee, I know its rainy and cold and miserable. I know that I should be wearing sensible layers and waterproofs. But I just do not want to part with my beloved maxi dress, it faithfully saw me through high class events and casual days of bbq, to abandon it now would be betrayal of the worst kind. But we must take some practicalities into account. Gladiator sandles ain't gna cut it no more. So I worked a plan...

  •  Boots. Boots boots boots. Boots are the best kind of day footwear in the world in my opinion, they work with shorts and dresses and jeans and everything in between, and they kept my tootsies very warm and dry despite the drizzle!
  • Leggins (or, to be more accurate, jeggins). For the last three years, I have pretty much lived in leggins, I alway was too wriggly for jeans. Of course, they can't be seen amidst the maxi and boot combination, but they provided valuable warm.
  • A big snuggly granny cardigan is pretty much essential for all autumn/winter outfits, especially ones with no sleeves. The one I wore today was long and grey with a white pattern knitted into it, and it was very suitably snuggly.
  • Accessories!! This necklace is possibly the most audacious and sublime piece of neckwear I own, its like Alladin's cave got wrapped around my neck. It lifted the outfit, and it makes me sound like a rainstick when I walk from all the jangling, which was very weather appropriate!!

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