Thursday, 16 December 2010

Things I love Thursday 17/12/10


A little bit of wow. This baby was born deaf, and has just had a new amazing sciency hearing device installed, and is hearing his mum's voice for the first time. If thats not something to be amazingly happy and thankful for, I dont know what is!!


Being about to cook my first ever Christmas Dinner for Club Heartbreak ♥ Thoughtful secret santas ♥ Amazing theatre lighting ♥ Signing the contract for The Ovary Towers (next year's abode) ♥ New hope for the future ♥ Re-experiencing things that used to make me SO happy! (Oliver!!)♥ Being given some very exciting new design software (geeeeeeeeeek) ♥ Naughty dreams this absolutely hilarious guy - watch them all! ♥ Unexpected charity achievements ♥ Not being able to stop grinning like a fool ♥ everyone's favourite seasonal song ♥ pitching nerves! ♥ Hugs from reeally tall people sad and beautiful films by Andy Warhol ♥ Finding GOOD medical practicioners! ♥ sleeping naked despite the cold ♥ Exciting invitations ♥ Plans plans plans ♥ Having a life so full, I need a bigger filofax ♥ FILOFAX'S!! God I love my filofax ♥ Medea ♥ Philosophical Egg Lunches ♥ "I cant take this - I need meat and beer!" ♥ Handing in vast essays, on time ♥ Learning new Cheer Stunts ♥ Inflatable Santa outifts ♥ Throwing myself at friends I haven't seen for months ♥ Thoughtful texts ♥ Mass spooning ♥ My lovely housemates ♥ Hair doing what it is told ♥ People who never fail to make me laugh ♥ Less than ten sleeps till Christmas!!!

What made you happy this week honeybunch? Forget the drizzle and the cold, LOVE YOUR LIFE!!!

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  1. Ahh Rio I'm so glad the seasonal song you have given a link to is Fairy Tale of New York :) Such a great song <3


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