Thursday, 2 December 2010

Things I love Thursday 2/12/10

A neccesarily festive roundup of all the happiness this week brought!

♥ Having lovely dinners cooked for me ♥ AMAZING party venues with type writers and sequins beautiful songs to think to ♥ helpful train staff ♥ being trusted ♥ excitement for Christmassy fun! ♥ being told that this song reminds someone of me ♥ bursts of creativity in the middle of the night ♥ exciting new software (*cough* geek *cough*) ♥ SNOW! ♥ Philosophical and political debate ♥ the horses being utterly bewildered by the snow Garish Christmas Jumpers ♥ planning outfits ♥ making snow men that turned into snow lions ♥ a lil gangsta rap ♥ my cat joining me in loosing my voice ♥ Solidarity! - have you signed up? ♥ Lasagna, twice ♥ realising that people really do care ♥ family - both blood and otherwise! ♥ finding a front spot for our stunt group ♥ going for a run, almost dying, but feeling good anyway ♥ home made soup ♥ not so traditional christmas tree angels ♥ Budweiser. specially when my parents buy it! ♥ shoe lust ♥ cuddling on the sofa watching crap tv ♥ Putting up the decs far too early

What made you happy this week sugar?



  1. Friends who show their appriciation for you :)

    (love the lion!)

  2. So this is the first post I've read of your blog [found it via Gala] and I love it! I'll be checking back for more =)

  3. :-) Aww this is great...



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