Monday, 17 January 2011

Happy tunes and time wasting.

Statistically, today is the most depressing day of the year apparently. Now, we can't have that can we?! Thus, I give you some music I'm dead into at the moment, and some funny videos with which to waste your time...

Cannot get enough of this right now. Grizzly.

Can't take any credit for this one - I was awoken from yesterdays nap by the squealing laughter of my male housemates, watching this. They had tried to re-create it with play doh and a remote controlled car, bless them.

I reeally hope this is meant to be tongue in cheek... and I wish I didnt like it so much.

Again, cannot get enough. Please see also: dancing round room in lingerie pretending to be as cool as Rihanna.

Todays exam in Irish Literature has a lot to answer for.

You may well have already seen this, its ancient, but it never fails to make me snort with laughter. Sexy.


  1. That's weird, I've been really happy today! As for Rhianna's song being tongue in cheek, I hope it is too, but I really don't think it is :( Too bad it's so catchy.

  2. I have been happy today as well, the snow is melting ( even if we know it will start again soon) and the sun was up, so I got to wear my sunglasses for the first time in months!

  3. Lauren - I meanttttt the fireflies one, I goddam hope Rihanna means every word she says!!

    And as for sunglasses - I keep furtively putting them on, then stepping outside and thinking better of it - its too rainy here! I cannot wait for sunglasses season, they're one of those things I'm a little obsessive about. I'm probably going to have to write about it now, you've inspired me! Thanks, as always, for reading guys, I love you!!

  4. Llama video = nothing on Charlie the Unicorn.


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