Thursday, 20 January 2011

Things I love Thursday 20/1/11

Well today is a super extra happy Thursday, because yesterday I finished my last big horrible exam, and I dont think I failed. I have one more next week, but lets not talk about that. Instead, lets talk about happy stuff!

Geek in me loves this so bad.

 ♥"His thong matches her dress!" ♥ Not safe for work birthday cakes! ♥ Combining velvet, chunky knits and fur, and being Snug with a capital S ♥ Library socialising ♥ Hitting the gay district, and being hit on on more than I have in ages - thats where all the straight men have been hiding! ♥  'Accidentally' ordering online from H&M ♥  My amazing supportive family and friends! ♥  Real turkish delight from the continental foods shop - yummers ♥  Walking everywhere and feeling great ♥  Guilty pleasures ♥ Not feeling guilty, because I'm done revising ahaha! ♥ Planning to cram Febuary with ducks, rebel bingo and pleather ♥ The people who I know always take the time to read this website and comment - thankyou guys! ♥ Scott from - this guy is literally my hero right now ♥ Cottage cheese - seriously, so much. I could eat it for every meal ♥ My new favourite website ♥ Ricki attempting to make manly comments on wedding dress designs ♥ Even more! (ha, get it?) excitement for my internship... So damn excited ♥ "Rio, stop complimenting people, you're being too happy man!" ♥ Pregnant dogs who love me in the street ♥ Excitement for other people being loved up! ♥ Sudoku - I think I may have a problem, but I don't care♥

What made you happy this week? Chin up loves, its a beautiful world really!

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  1. that pic is super cute! and thx for letting me know you could see my posts on your feed. i have been asking my sister and stuff if its working but wasn't sure. :P


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