Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things I love Thursday 27/1/10

Two words - exams. Done. YAAAAAAAY! At least, they will be after today.I seriously cannot express to those of you who have not just had exam period the feeling I have about this - normally, I'm cool with exams, but for whatever reason I've really struggled with these ones. But they're done. My life has been little other than exams recently, because not only I, but everyone I live with and pretty much everyone I know has been taking them too. Unfortunately, this means I have not done many exciting things to tell you about this week, but never mind, I promise to party twice as hard this coming week to make up for it!

♥ Lacura face serum - I was skeptical, I tried it, I believed ♥ Impromptu trips home ♥ Geeking out over all the Shakespeare I'm going to do this semester! ♥ Arranging coffee with everyone and everything ♥ Library socialising - Sydney Jones has been the place to be this week ♥ On a similar note, people who entertain me in the library ♥ The Dubliners ♥ Fair trade chocolate - yummy karma ♥ Getting my blackberry back! Oh god, it was like being given the gift of sight, then having it taken away again. I will never let anyone come between us again Blackberry ♥ Piling into bed with Vicky and Ricki and having three way naps ♥ Wedges! (no Ruth, not the potato kind...) ♥ My Big Fat Gypsey Wedding... still ♥ Reasonable but vast excitement for THE weekend - seriously cannot wait to get my freak on ♥ PLEATHER! ♥ Planning hardcore detox's, then drinking masses of coffee ♥ Putting glitter all over my eyes just to stay home and work... because everyone works better when they sparkle ♥ Hearing the boys playing nicely downstairs! ♥ Dad: Should I bite the cat and see what happens? Us: Erm... no? ♥

I hope your week was a little more exciting than mine! But, as I said, its back to real life now! Have a good week beautiful x

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  1. That three way snuggle was the highlight of my day :)


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