Thursday, 6 January 2011

Things I love Thursday 6/1/11

So much joy in this photograph!


Geeking out over my filofax - and the lovely people at Philofaxy who featured my article ♥ Having crazy fun times with people I haven't seen in months! ♥  This band ♥  My cats sitting on my keyboard and quite refusing to let me do any work ♥  This song! ♥  Finally making headway with revision ♥  Being super excited for my next Graze packet to arrive - three days to go! ♥  Being spoiled by my family before going back to Liverpool ♥  Tax returns! (Why hello £300 I didn't know I was owed!) ♥  Networking with other inspiring writers ♥  Friends who make a real effort to spend time with you ♥  The PERFECT winter boots - I found them, the holy grail! (post to come) ♥  These stunning clips - 14 Actors Acting. I have no words



  1. where is your top from?! i love it... and its gotta be handy for caveman fancy dress right?! jess xxx

  2. It was new look I think - I'm embracing the Pat Butcher look!!

  3. I love you :) (Charlotte) x


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