Thursday, 17 February 2011

Things I love Thursday 17/2/11

Today is one of those days where it would be much easier to write a list of things I am not loving right now. The temptation to hit you with a long list of depressing things is almost overwhelming, but the reason we started doing this in the first place was to keep our chins up right? Thus, we plow on. You know that thing about smiling? You don't just smile when you're happy, you get happier if you smile. Maybe this will work in the same way!

♥ "Wow, you have really nice gums!": bizarre compliments ♥ Seeing my beautiful extended family, who I really do love to little itty bitty pieces ♥ This overly rad post from Slam - definitely going to do one of these sometime! ♥ Being ahead of rehearsal schedule, and going out to celebrate ♥ Impromptu Razzing ♥ Helpful train staff ♥ Mushroom soup, my new favourite food ♥ Judge Judy (hero) ♥ People who work suuper hard to fix things for you! (our power was cut off this weekend, and the lovely men worked until about half eleven at night to get it fixed) ♥ "I see your junk, and I think it is mythical ♥ Olives, NOMives ♥ People who are prepared to stick up for you ♥ Performing Arts Ball! Was that really only a week ago?! Geez. Anyway, great night, compulsory LUDS/LUST dance off, outstanding buffet (I consider myself to be somewhat a buffet coneseuir), hilariously drunken friends ♥ Esquire?! ♥ Valentines Day? So true. ♥ Hiding in bed and refusing to deal with life (hmm... maybe this one wont work out so well. Note to self, stop blogging, start sorting out.) ♥ Getting prematurely excited about The Tempest ♥ That moment when you wake up from a really crazy dream and realise those things didn't happen! ♥ Packages, presents, gifts from thoughtful and kind people (watch this space!) ♥ Properly tidying my room, and feeling like my mind is tidier ♥ Looking forward to going out tonight, despite the fact that I definatey ought to stay in/work ♥ Hoping that my friend from home will be in Liverpool on Saturday! Beccy! I miss you!! ♥ Platonic spooning; one of friendship's greatest gifts ♥ LOST - late to the party? A tad. But I'm getting really into it ♥ Rearranging rearranged coffee = having friends who are equally as busy as I am! ♥ VSO Godmothers - an amazing cause my friend Maggie is championing (I told you she was awesome). All you have to do is sign, it could not be easier to support this one. So go do it please! ♥

Thats better! I hope your week was a bit smoother than mine sweetheart!

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  1. It is now looking more likely than not that I will be coming on Saturday! Yey!!!!!!!!!! :-D


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