Thursday, 24 March 2011

Things I love Thursday 24/3/11

♥ Erm, sunshine? Pump me full of Vitamin D and endorphins you big-ass fiery bitch! ♥ Spending afternoons chilling on Abercrombie Square at Uni, looking very front-of-a-prospectus-esque ♥ Topshop brought out a lipstick, and named it after me - twice! Thanks Topshop! ♥ This amazing man, real life super heroes - read his story! ♥ Being an absolutle drama whore ♥ My mum! She came to stay last weekend and we got tipsy and bought shoes, it was perfect ♥ My new slanket!! (It was all I'd dreamed) ♥  Gob smacking cheerleading - note to self, get to practice... ♥ The lovely lovely cast and crew of Harvey - last chance to see it tonight! ♥ Lecturers on strike - I have not used my free time productively... ♥ Playing ridiculous drama warm ups in bars - Eastenders Zip Zap Boing in Heebies was probably both the funniest and wierdest thing this week. Also, double points go to Steve for getting 15 random girls to join in! ♥ Amazing contemporary dance ♥ People with the instant and inexplicable ability to make you feel calm ♥ First Mr Whippy of the year - nom ♥ Ruth dropping her first Mr Whippy of the year, but refusing to be defeated, ate it anyway, grass et al. ♥ People who are friendly. I really do appreciate friendliness. ♥ Actually having food in the house for a change (thanks mum) ♥ Did I mention sunshine? ♥ Morrrrrre aftershow parties; can this be my life please? ♥ A calm song ♥ Getting my D.I.Y on - got me some new skills with drillz ♥

Lovely lovely lovely.

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