Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I love Thursday 31/3/11

Unicorns! Obviously. Source.

♥ Hurling myself into new theatre projects - "You actually are a drama whore aren't you?" ♥ Interrobangs?! ♥ After-show parties ♥ Finding out that Joni Mitchell isn't dead - are you shitting me?! Best news ever.♥ Girl, Interrupted ♥ Double booked parties - living the social life dream ♥ My beautiful 'girl drawings' being destroyed by boys who like to draw willies on everything... ♥ Late night calls ♥ Having your perceptions of a person altered ♥ ROAD - still time to go if you're in Liverpool! ♥ Being the last five people in empty clubs and wrecking the dancefloor ♥ Inappropriately long lie ins - daylight saving has destroyed me ♥ Club Heartbreak's latest addition - an N64 ♥ Outfit planning. For everything. Forever. ♥ Ruth Dalton - giver of sage wisdom, bear hugs and cream eggs ♥ Slightly cheesy, sexy songs. Miaow. ♥ "Today, you actually forgot HOW to spell, 'how'. this made me laugh in hindsight." ♥ Harpists in pubs - this should definately occur more often. ♥ Alex Moon, blast from the past and drunken desirer ♥ The Myers Briggs test - I love shit like this. Do it. I'm an ENFP. ♥ Obscene sized rings; "Well... that's sparkly..." ♥ Seven year old rappers - stay in school kids ♥ Spending more time out of my house than in it - busy busy busy! ♥ Really thoughtful, encouraging comments from my tutors ♥ Anticipating of reading Patrick McCabe - which is apparently  not pronouned Mugabe... ♥ Irish lecturer: "But I might swear at you. Just for the crack." ♥ Seeing my family (and its new chickeny additions) soooon! ♥ Playing with bunny rabbits ♥ Liverpool photography from Katesnaps ♥ Brutal honesty. Refreshing. ♥ Lilt. Also pretty refreshing. ♥ Hugs. They are needed for survival. If you see me, just gimme a squeeze. ♥

Be happy beautifuls x

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