Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things I love Thursday 14/4/11

Well it has been a lovely sunny week of sunshine and happiness. Thankyou weather, for being so kind during our week off, and thankyou people-of-my-life for filling said week with so much loveliness!

♥ Watching some wonderful friends in the Importace of Being Earnest ♥ FINALLY handing in my coursework (special thanks go to Dr. Davies for the extension) ♥ Bonfires, BBQs and beer ♥ Planning outfits absurdly in advance ♥ Hugs from big people ♥ One of the loveliest days ever, with Ruth Luke and Maggie, sat on the Met and loving ♥ Placing my first ever bet! One pound on Silver by Nature... I lost. ♥ Quality coffee ♥ Flip-flops... with a bottle opener underneath?! WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT??! ♥ 'Walk-around-naked-week'/Having the house to myself ♥ "In India, you totally just wipe your hand with your arse, it's great!" Er........ ♥ Massive group oversharing ♥ Sunbathing on Greenbank Park ♥
“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” - Karl Lagerfeld ♥ Packing all my shoes for holidays but no socks...♥ Reading Yeats and Bukowski at the same time, and revelling in the literary conflict ♥ Excitement for next year, modules and activities ♥ My big comfy home bed ♥ Life saving naps - thanks Lukey ♥ The Moschino belt I just bought - utter sartorial gluttony ♥ Missing friends over Easter making me realise how much I love them! ♥ Deciding to keep trying to do the right, even when it is bloody difficult and confusing! ♥ Expansion of the awkward turtle... Drama llama, bitch fish, judgemental jaguar... ♥ Plans to go to Aintree next year; ie. chance to wear big hat ♥ Ruth Dalton, my probable soul mate ♥ 'Do you know that man?!'.... 'No, I was just being friendly...' ♥ Family ♥ Sky TV and cats - home pleasures! ♥ Getting excited for summer weddings - more hat opportunities ♥ Sun sun sun sun sun ♥ People who compliment the blog - genuinely, really appreciate it you sugarlumps! ♥

Happy happy happy!

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