Thursday, 28 April 2011

Things I love Thursday 28/4/11

♥ BCA! ♥ Doing the car-macarena with my family. Its a non stop party for the Matchetts. ♥ Excitement for the final Harry Potter - just 78 days! (geekery!!) ♥ BBQs at every opportunity ♥ EPIC St George's Day/Shakespeare's birthday celebrations ♥ Being a reeally good person, and being OK with knowing that! ♥ Over-sharing sliightly♥ Bob Dylan. So bad. Forever and ever. ♥ Buying a fascinator in preperation for Fridays celebrations - can you say Royal Wedding?! ♥ My Love Moschino belt finally arriving. Its everything I ever dreamed and more! ♥ Bogart and Bacall ♥ A short but sweet marriage to Martin Poile. It turns out I will make a great wife... Would you look at that breakfast?! ♥ CAKE ♥ Snuggles (n'aww) ♥ Making lotsss of facebook events, because I need structure ♥ Feeling super brave ♥ "What if Mr Tumnus comes out of it??!" ♥ Stockings ♥ "Lets not drink today." ♥ SOO much excitement for Friday!!! ♥ Catch ups with best friends from home - they have marital homes now?! ♥ Ruth Dalton, my probable soul mate ♥

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