Thursday, 7 April 2011

Things I love Thursday 7/4/11

This picture made me laugh out loud. Also, its fairly appropriate right now! But helllll you're only young once.
This has, overall, been a rather shitty week, but yesterday when I got back to Liverpool, I had one of those real smack-you-in-the-face moments of how lucky I am just to be alive and living and young and busy and loved and happy. Gemma Luke and I went out to eat, and I dont think they quite knew what to do with my overflowing joyness! So here is this weeks roundup of loveables...

♥ Accordian playing buskers - "Oh my gosh it's just like Paris!" "There's last night's dried vomit on the pavement Rio." ♥ Chillin with the chickens ♥ Autopost! Thanks blogger ♥ Tolstoy. "Everything I know, I know only because I love." ♥ My dad's mexican ♥ Super fabulous parties in art galleries (basically pretending to be Charlotte from SATC) ♥ Breakfast dates ♥ Watching adorable blossoming bromances ♥ Impromptu nights out ♥ My lovely lovely lovely friends, for whom I do not have enough superlatives ♥ Being up to date on my reading! ♥ My department being verry understanding and supportive ♥ Roald Dahl's Twisted Tales at the playhouse - highly reccomended! ♥ Friends being HAPPY! ♥ Interrobangs, still. ♥ Warm weather meaning no coats to carry round! ♥ Fresh flowers - making even the messiest, scuzziest student room feel fresh and ladylike ♥ Motorbike shopping with my dad, definitely want a Vespa now ♥ My cats, who are always overjoyed to see me ♥

Now I need to go do real shit, I have a million and one things to catch up on so laters! x

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  1. omg you are soooo sweet. i'm sure you didn't know but I have been feeling a bit down lately on how unpopular my blog is. I want to help people but if they don't now about my little advice column how can it help? :P
    but you totally made my day with your wonderful comment!

    ps i love this pic and had to post it on my sister's fb wall cause i knew she would LOVE IT :D


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