Thursday, 5 May 2011

Things I love Thursday 5/5/11

Ahem. EDINBURGH EDINBURGH EDINBURGH EDINBURGH. This week was auditions for the LUDS production of Cagebirds, the play we're taking to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And I got a part :) I am sooo grateful and excited and happy, its such an awesome group of people to work with, and I love the play, and I'm in love with the Director and AD, so its generally very pleasing!


♥ Getting Royally gazeboed in honour of the Royal wedding ♥ See also: being very over dressed ♥ Much time spent in the sun ♥ A day out at Crosby beach with some of my favourite people. One of the best days I've had in a while! ♥ Sacking off coursework to go to the Raz, then getting up at nine the next day to do it (student special) ♥ Bringing back words from the 90's... decrep? Crud. ♥ Meeting the Kazimier (venue for Going West, the play I'm doing next week) and falling in love. Can I have my birthday there please?  ♥ Preparing for tonight's LUDS AGM - Allie and I are running for Social Secs  ♥ "I think you're my bezzie." "OH MY GOD I'M SO GLAD YOU SAID IT! I'VE WANTED TO SAY IT FOR AGES BUT I DIDN'T THINK YOU FELT THE SAME! "  ♥ Getting the modules I want for next year (hello Yeats, Modernism, American Lit and Medieval narratives)  ♥ Get on top and start dry humping like a good boy should.  ♥ Drinking cans of Rio. Encouraging others to drink cans of Rio ♥ Using too many expletives, and feeling a lot better  ♥ Healthy eating  ♥ My lovely housemates coming home!  ♥ My family, always  ♥ Sorting things out with people, and being real happy  ♥ Starting to get a slight tan! ♥ Lovely, supportive people  ♥ Feeling strong  ♥ This song ♥ On a slightly different note, also Petula Clarke. Downtown anyone? ♥ Almost Famous ♥ Walking everywhere (although now my feet are more blister than skin. Pointe work has given me lepper feet) ♥ Human pyramids! ♥

This has actually been a really, really great week, and (prepare for cheese) I just want to say thankyou to all the people in my life who make it so great. Your amazing, and I really do love you all. I'm actually welling up in the SJ Library, thats how much I love you all.

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