Thursday, 10 November 2011

Things I love Thursday 10/11/11

♥ Albert Camus ♥ Squash soup ♥ LUDS - all in and of it. ♥ Gumtree success ♥ LIVERPOOL ♥ My beautiful, amazing family ♥ "I know simply that the sky will last longer than I." ♥ Crashing everyone's rehearsals (see also: buying friendship with biscuits) ♥ Ebay ♥ The Five Megamix ♥ Dry shampoo ♥ Wearing a tiara around the house ♥ Lie ins ♥ Ruth Dalton, who is the best housemate and worst washer upper ♥ Hugs from anyone ♥ The 'Parisian window ledge', ie. wine bottles left out ♥ FROZEN PLANET ♥ Lunch dates ♥ Smailes and Quinn - diamonds ♥ Getting my hands on the guitar again ♥ Glittery socks ♥ Being able to see the Met Cathedral lit up at night out of my window ♥ Almost being able to move into the Barbie Dream House ♥ Snail Mail ♥ Optimism ♥ RAZ RAZ RAZ ♥ Putting paprika in all my cooking ♥ Adorable foreign men ♥ Smelling great and knowing it ♥ Friends who really make the effort to see you ♥ Resilience ♥ My slanket ♥ Spending obscene amounts of money on pyjamas ♥ Feeling like I contribute to society ♥ Morning cuddles ♥ Coffee ♥ Reading for pleasure ♥ Matthew Simba Pieterse's return to the Pool ♥ H&M shoes ♥ Planning hairdo's ♥ Dancing all night ♥ The perfect brick red lipstick ♥ Walking through leaves ♥ Taking the high road ♥ Juxtaposing yoga and red bull ♥ Dances With Wolves ♥

And this song ♥♥♥

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