Thursday, 15 December 2011

Things I love Thursday 15/12/11


Today, my housemate and bezzie 4 lyf Ruth Dalton is graduating from her Masters Degree, and that my friends, is something I bloody love. I am very blessed when it comes to family and friends, in every aspect, but Ruth has never been surpassed in terms of trust, loyalty, giving, hilarity and love. She knows me better than anyone outside my family, and somehow she still likes me! I am so, so proud of her and what she's achieved (through what's been, lets face it, a pretty crappy year), she is my rock and my inspiration, and I JUST LOVE HER. But for the love of God, we just cannot take a nice photograph together.

Also this week...

♥ Good red wine ♥ Nick Clegg looking sad on tumblr - the captions are joyous ♥ John Lennon, R.I.P ♥ Retweeting Oscar Wilde ♥ Vogues ♥ Quality time with my cat ♥ Animal Collective - listen ♥ Buying dresses for events which are months away ♥ Christmas time with the folks ♥ First christmas gift of the year... difficult to beat... ♥ Coffee with Ms. Mooney ♥ The Shins, till I die ♥ Wellying up, going to the woods and hacking down a christmas tree ♥ Lunch with my mother ♥ Talking about someone you haven't spoken to in months, then them texting you ♥ LUDS Comittee Christmas meal ♥ Cracking out my fugly christmas jumper, making others do the same ♥ My eleven year old cousin being rad ♥ Reading plays in bed ♥ Impromptu but heartfelt cups of tea with Luke ♥ The return of Miss Gemma Sapp ♥ Bawling my eyes out to Judy Garland ♥ Completing my Christmas shopping ♥ Naps naps naps ♥ Albert Camus ♥ Triple vodka slush puppy ♥ Curling up under the slanket with Ruth and being safe ♥ Little old lady neighbours; great postmen ♥ Johnny Cash - I wont back down ♥ Not worrying about looking like an idiot and just going for it

Love love love love love love love love love.

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