Thursday, 22 December 2011

Things I love Thursday 22/12/11

I will now be dropping out of society to live in the wilderness as a unicorn.

♥ Vintage faux-furs ♥ Lars and the Real Girl ♥ Ruthy and me, slanketing it up ♥ Watching high-end cookery programmes whilst eating fish fingers and tinned spaghetti ♥ The best hot chocolate, with the best conversation, with the best Lauren Mooney ♥ Joni Mitchell's cover album... of herself?! Its all melancholy and retrospective and I'm utterly in love ♥ Sudden and uncaused wanderlust ♥ Al Pacino ♥ Luke Barton "I'm gna eat so much turkey I'm sick, and then I'm going to eat more turkey!" ♥ If you start to take Vienna... take Vienna ♥ Writing on a role ♥ Ruth enjoyed her hand knitted stocking... ♥ A visit from my sister Walking in the house and being full on attacked by my cats ♥ Making friends with elderly neighbours ♥


|The best fake christmas ever! This week we all got together to get pissed and eat turkey, and it was just the best. I cried because I was so happy, and then I got a little too tactile.


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