Thursday, 19 January 2012

Things I love Thursday 19/1/12

There aren't many things in life that make me want to squeal more than Salvador Dali's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. I went to the Tate today and saw the Alice exhibition, including the Dalis, and it was just amazing, if you're in the city, do go! Its on until the 29th of this month. The original manuscripts were there, with Carroll's doodles and tea cups galore, photo-tricks from before the days of photoshop and some amazing Rosetti's. There's something so luxurious about going to a gallery and just being quiet, it made me feel so at peace.


  ♥ Lil Wayne birthday cakes ♥ Doing up the house ♥ My new guinea pigs Martha (asin Martha Graham) and Beyonce (asin Beyonce). ♥ My first shift at Anfield - I'll never walk alone, etc. ♥ Saying 'swarovski' is Sean Connery's voice. Do it, I promise you you won't be disappointed ♥ Carl Sagan in my face ♥ Aall the coffee dates ♥ Silky PJs ♥ Classical guitar ♥ The Reader - German accents just gots sexy. I can't explain ♥ Starting a hundred books, not feeling bad about not finishing them ♥ Perfume Genius - crazy band crazy video ♥ Cheese and wine nights. Classy ♥ Spending hours painting without realising ♥ Cycling to the library ♥ The gorgeous french man who helped me when my bike chain came off ♥ Talking theatre ♥ "You look like a furry fairy!" ♥ Being proud of my friends' crazy achievements and ridiculous ambition ♥ Long hot showers; simple pleasures ♥ Plans to escape to the country ♥ When Paxman looses his shit on University challege ♥ Burying myself in layers of blankets and having great conversations. Especially when it's raining outside ♥

Lots of exciting things are happening in the next few weeks, I'm in a happy place right now. Happy places are the best.

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