Thursday, 5 January 2012

Things I love Thursday 5/1/12

Happy 2012 sugar! I hope its been great so far. For myself, I've taken the week off from blogging, slept lots, eaten too much and filled myself up with beautiful people and music and life. January can be so blue, its all exams and rain and dark and not-Chrismas-any-more, I'm torn between hibernating through it and taking it as an opportunity to make summer from the inside. I'm tring to do both.

Chino getting in the festive mood ♥ Coffee in Bleak House ♥ Finding people's old Myspaces and Bebos; blackmailing gold ♥ Painting ♥ Doing DIY like a manly boss ♥ The Civil Wars ♥ Aggressive re-enactments of Moulin Rogue ♥ Going for solo, fast horse rides at home ♥ The BBC's Great Expectations (if you didn't watch it, iplay it right now) ♥ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ♥ My beautiful Katy Syme's secret and awesome achievement ♥ Employment! I got some part time work at LFC... every little helps! ♥ Seeing aaaaall the people over Christmas ♥ So much 'not festive today' curry ♥ Luke Barton, who is one of the strongest people I've ever met ♥ Exciting and secret new projects ♥ Distracting everyone from revision ♥ Friends who bathe in brandy cream, literally ♥ Sponteneity ♥ Walking everywhere ♥ Singing with my sister ♥ Writing in bed ♥ New filofax inserts (colour coding geekery max ) ♥ Victor Hugo ♥ People from home turning up in Liverpool! ♥ Charlotte and Ruth and PLANS ♥ Helpful neighbours ♥ Sharing dorky memories ♥

It's gna be a good year.

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