Thursday, 23 February 2012

Things I love Thursday 23/2/12

Swing it baby! Its been a crazy busy happy week. My new job is going great, I really like all the people I'm working with, and the job itself is really interesting, so I can't complain! I'm also juggling two rehearsal schedules with another one on the horizon, but the downtime I'm spending with great people is doubly great because of the busy I think. And as always, its the little things that bring the joy.

Llama Del Ray - I'm sorry but this is genuinely the funniest thing ♥ Laminating all the things ♥ Pancakes, obvs ♥ Breading Martha ♥ High heads, high standards, high heels ♥ Unexpected butterflies ♥ Ruth Dalton, housemate/sister/lover extraordinaire ♥ Sylvia Plath quotes above the oven ♥ All the Positive Mental Attitude a girl can handle, ever ♥ Simon and Garfunkel ♥ The first properly sunny day of the year! ♥ Doing ourselves proud at Future Cheer ♥ Hurried lunch dates ♥ Wrestlemania impressions ♥ Almost causing car crashed with over enthusiastic greetings ♥ The Tree of Life Mags brought us back from India, which has finally been fixed to the wall ♥ Looking forward to a night out Friday and a lazy weekend! ♥

Also, feeling a whole lotta love for my foxes right now following comps... Bring on BCA!


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