Thursday, 22 March 2012

Things I love Thursday 22/3/12

It's been a little while since I did one of these, because I have been busy having a life outside blogging. I know right? But there has been so much stuff I've loved, and this is my favourite way of remembering them.

♥Butterfly nebulas ♥ All my talented and wonderful friends ♥ An amazing result in the SRO elections, for people who truly deserved it ♥ Swan Lake heart break ♥ Going home for Mothers Day, and ending up not leaving the outback for half a week. Now I'm behind on all the work, but so bloody happy ♥ Auditions today for a play I'm directing - argh! ♥ They're making a ballet of The Great Gatsby. I mean, are you shitting me?! ♥ L'appel du vide ♥ Bon Iver, all my life ♥ Dancing again, and feeling my body ♥ Twat shots ♥ My incredible family ♥ Spending quality time with the pig ♥ My new Chelsea boots. I'm shallow and material possessions make me happy and I don't even care ♥ Fresh flowers ♥ Decadant lunch dates ♥ This new website I found that emails me a word of the day. Vocab. geek, sure ♥ Bitter grown up cocktails ♥ Meeting new people and getting on great ♥ Feeling brave ♥ The denim shortcoat, which has been passed around pretty much everyone I know but is now ours ♥ Dipping my nails in glitter. They look like galaxies ♥ This song... ignore the spanish subtitles. Or, you know, dont...

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