Monday, 17 December 2012

A December Update

So it's been a busy couple of months, and I've been naughty about documenting it, so here is an overview of what creativey things I've been up to...

I directed a play with LUDS called Fanny and Faggot. It sold out 2/3 nights, and we got some lovely reviews. I was very happy.

I've also done some acting in a medieval piece called The Second Shepherd's Play, a collaboration between the University of Liverpool and LUDS. We performed at The Walker Art Gallery, and did a mini tour of the North West, it was great fun.

It's been a good couple of months for dance too, I've had several performances throughout Liverpool.

The Humanities Yule Ball, MODO

Black History Month Closing Ceremony, LGOS

Winter Jamboree, LGOS

I've got a dance gig at the Echo Arena on Friday too which is pretty exciting.

I acted in the annual LUDS Ghost Tour, which was a great success. I also performed in my first Sketch Show in November.

I presented a Strictly Come Dancing charity gig at the uni with DanceSport and Banardos...

I was the Production Unit Manager for a show at The Epstein Theatre, How Nice to be in England! With Neil Innes. It was great to get experience with a professional show, and the team were so lovely.

Other stuff? Well I have lots of exciting stuff planned for the New Year. I'm directing a new adaptation of Oedipus Rex, continuing acting in a friend's short film, performing in a music video, producing a dance show, and we're booking accommodation for our Fringe 2013 production today. I've read a couple of great scripts recently which might yield some interesting opportunities too. Also, my degree.

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