Monday, 13 February 2017

Kraków - Photo Diary/Recommendations

Kraków was potentially my favourite city break thus far. Edinburgh and Dublin will forever be my favourite cities, but for a holiday with friends, I can't recommend Kraków highly enough. We flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport for about £60 return, and for four nights in a gorgeous apartment city centre we paid £50 each. Eating and drinking was ridiculously cheap - think a two course meal plus a bottle of wine for less than a tenner - and the local people were super friendly.  

The architecture is really beautiful, so much more so than Warsaw sadly, because Warsaw got pretty flattened during the war. Poland has a really rich history of different cultures, so the buildings range from Eastern European/Russian style to a more Parisian feel and beyond. We spent about two days just walking round absorbing the city, and we could have done longer. 

It seems that Emma Goldman is also making her mark in Poland.

I didn't get a photo of our apartment, but I did take this one of the floor. Tiles are cute.

This was the dish everyone said we had to try, 'pierogi', which are like dumplings. There were actually plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, which I wasn't really expecting - these ones were spinach with various herbs, and they were fit. The food generally was very rich. At first it seems like there maybe aren't many bars or restaurants, but that's because they're all seemingly underground.

This was taken in the Kazimierz, the Old Jewish Quarter. 

We ended up taking a WHOLE bunch of naps, I genuinely think because we just weren't used to being so cold all the time. It was between about -5 and -11 before the wind chill, and apparently it can get much colder.

I love Church architecture the most, and St. Mary's Basilica on the mains square was potentially the nicest one I've ever been in. It was so opulent and ornate and beautiful, it was genuinely quite a moving experience. Being in Churches like this is kind of like being in an awesome landscape of nature for me - its the time I find the concept of a God most believable. 

Love locks. Standard.

This was in a cute antiquey shop we found above a cafe called Camelot Cafe which is 100% my food and drink pick for Kraków. We went more than a little hungover, and they had the most amazing juices and cold presses and teas, and we had the most amazing baguettes overflowing with avocado and seeds and sun-dried tomatoes, and pastas, and paninis, and french toast, and it was the prettiest place, like being inside a pink cave. 

And of course, in any new city, one must take beautiful pictures of oneself and one's friends. Clothes are optional. 

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