Thursday, 23 March 2017

Things I Love Thursday 23/03/17

🌜 This week has felt like actual Spring! 🌜See: taking the sausage to play in the Sefton Park daffodils 🌜 Actually feeling good about writing poetry for the first time in yonks 🌜 Buying new house plants 🌜 Slobby TV nights with my bezza 🌜 Aziza Barnes' poetry (READ MORE BLACK POETS) 🌜 New comedy phone case 🌜 Free cups of tea 🌜 Wearing floaty red dresses 🌜 Mid week cheese and wine parties 🌜 THE NEW LAURA MARLING ALBUM 🌜 Nice eye contact 🌜 That Bobby (the world's most nervous dog) has finally returned my love and genuinely nothing is more rewarding than really earning the love of a good dog 🌜 Making poor quality ceramics 🌜 Patti Smith/Joni Mitchell/Winona Ryder forever 🌜 Putting down roots in 92 Degrees Coffee shop 🌜 Cute boots 🌜 Booking in a cabaret gig for the first time in a year 🌜 The evening light over the city 🌜 Working shouty music gigs 🌜 

Life is good the sun is shining, keep it up x

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