Friday, 10 September 2010

Gushful yet thought provoking.

At the risk of being very gushy and cheesy, today I am going to write about friendship. Specifically, I am going to write about my friend Rebecca, who is one of my closest and oldest friends - this is not to the detriment of my many other amazing and wonderful friends, just she's a good example.

Beccy and I met at a party when I was 13, and she needed to use the bathroom and I was passed out in the bath. It was the first proper party I went to, and I had not handled my alcohol well. Since then, we've been pretty tight, and she is unfailingly forgiving, kind, hilarous and a hugely good influence on me! I remember being massively and retardedly jealous when she got into a serious relationship, but it turns out Chris is equally lovely, and puts up with my crazy for her sake!

She's really been there for me over the years, from driving me to the middle of nowhere at two in the morning when I had to be somewhere in an emergency, to not minding when I threw up ALL over her carpet. In her bedroom, the corridor and two bathrooms... it was not my proudest moment. But the point is, she loves me anyway! I often do find myself asking exactly what she (and all my other wonderful friends for that matter) get out of our relationships!

So what makes a friend to you? Honestly, loyalty, a sense of humour, trust, affection, all of these are important to me. And I have different friends who specialise in different things. Thats whats so beautiful about friendship, that its limitless - you can't ever fill up your friendship quota! I'm aware that this post is massively gushy, but it's also incredibly heartfelt. I've had a really shit summer for various reasons, really really shit, and it's really made me realise how important my friends are to me and how good they are. All my friends are wonderful, and I am so grateful to them!! And I wuv them alllllll. Gushing over.

Its a sheep and a lion! And they're FRIENDS!!!!


  1. :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD That made me very happy! Also, that's totally an elephant!

  2. oh yeh... it is.... ROMANIAN LIONS ON THE BRAIN!


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