Thursday, 16 September 2010

Club Heartbreak is open for business

Back in the Pool of Liver, life has been one crazy drunken internet-less mess. So lacking was my supply of internet, I even made a special trip to the library to watch The Inbetweeners online (obviously, we also don't have tv). The house is.... well, its a house. Last year when we were planning our outing into the world of tennantship, it didnt occur to me that you can't actually afford a nice house and to be able to eat when you're a student. Club Heartbreak is not as glamourous as it sounds. When I arrived, the drains were blocked, the curtain rails falling off, the wallpaper peeling and the hob covered in some anonymous brown goo.


Horrified face ^

 I bleached a lot, and that sated my crazy a little. But then a wonderful thought occured. It is actually not possible for us to fuck up that house anymore than it already is. There is silly string stuck to the wall for gods sake. Thus, I have descended into a life of grime and debauchery, the living room looks like its been decorated with a Strongbow-and-old-newspaper scheme. The rooms that are still empty, waiting for members of The Club to arrive are actually quite beautifully bleak, and you stop noticing the stains on the carpet after a few days.

But it is WONDERFUL to be back! We went out on Sunday night and had a great time, involving wildcats, falling over lots and a large portion of George's anatomy. Then Monday we Razzed. For those of you who have not been to The Raz, there are no adjectives sufficient. Its verrrry sticky and dank, and crazy cheap, and it is just impossible to fail to have a good time. What made the night even better was bumping into some of my beautiful LUDS friends, who I have missed a lot, and made me very excited about this semester's productions. Watch this space.

Exhausted from partying but happy face ^

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