Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Nice day for a white wedding?

On Sunday my cousin Phil married the b-e-a-utiful Jenna, and it was just a lovely day of splendiforous magicality. I love any big family occasion, and when you add free table wine, its even better (what kind of stuff do we love? FREE STUFF). The lovely hotel even made me a veggie option at the last minute. The whole thing made me very happy and family orientated - we're a pretty close bunch anyway.

This is me with all my lady cousins, looking devilishly sexy the lot. It was rather blustery though, as you can tell from my hair.I had to employ Emma (the littlest one) to hold my skirt down for me. Obviously my hands were otherwise occupied with wine and a beautiful vintage clutch.

When I get married, I want a gospel choir, and vodka in jugs on the tables instead of water, and I shall wear flip flops under my dress. Not that I have plans to marry any time soon. Once, my parents were talking about who was going to get married first, me or Georgia (far left), who's three years younger than me. I was like 'well probably me, I'm older', and they looked at each other and said 'noo, I think Georgia will be first'. And I was all 'Why?', and they sort of, sheepishly said 'Well... who's going to want to marry you?'. THANKS PARENTS. I LOVE YOU TOO.

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