Saturday, 30 October 2010

Contingency wear, essential planning for the unhealthily particular (What She wore 29/10/10)

Its reached that time of year when I just cannot bring myself to go out bare-legged. It would just be foolhardy. It was Lauren and Lukes' birthday do last night, and it suddenly became most traumatising that I couldn't bare the beams, because I had planned (naturally, in a slightly obsessive and unhealthy way) my outfit down to the last earring, and it was all based upon some gorgeous shoes that simply could not be worn with tights.
Apologies for the shite photo, but you get the gist.

I had intended to wear some little flowery culottes and a t shirt with a wolf on it (nb. if anyone wants to give me a wolf, itd be much appreciated).

So anyways, I was then suddenly presented with the fact that I had to leave the house in an hour, and I had no idea what to wear. I do not deal well with stress, and much as I hate myself for it, I have a very real need to plan what I'm going to wear. Its most likely some kind of neurosis. Anyway, panic ensued. Clothes were flung, odd pairs of shoes tried on, the need to try different bras with different outfits almost made me cry.

But fear not. For occasions like this, one must have a contingency plan, and I knew it was time to fall back upon that. Every lady (and man!) should have a few reliable, feel-good pieces that she can turn to in times of trouble - things that you know you will feel good in, even if it is a fat day and your fringe is fucking about and you haven't painted your nails. I reckon you need three - a smart, a casual, and a smart casual. For me, the most casual it gets really is a pretty dress, cardigan and boots, but I guess a favourite pair of jeans and hoody would do the job if you felt good in it.

My smart outfit is a little black dress (forgiving, classy, timeless) that I bought from New Look about two Christmas's ago. I must admit, part of my love affair with it is because it's a size ten, and I havent fitted in a size ten pretty much since I was ten. But we dont perpetuate the idea that thinner = better here at All The World's A Stage... just sayin. It's the perfect length, and I always feel great in it, I can dress it up or down and its just wonderful.

My casual (or perhaps, 'daytime' is a better description) is a blue maxi dress I bought this year. Firstly, it is soo comfortable, I have actually accidentally fallen asleep in it a few times. Its long, so it doesn't matter if I haven't epilated, it goes with big chunky cardigans or as a stand alone piece and I just love it. I always get complimented on it, and just something about wearing a full length dress makes you feel glamourous, even if you're not wearing any make up and carrying an Asda bag.

My smart-casual was the one I opted for for Lauren/Lukes. It was short enough to be dressy, but not so dressy it was too much for the Pilgrim (a grimey but charming little pub down a back alley of Hardman street), and I could wear it with boots. Normally, I am a vehemant advocate of heels, because, you know, why wouldn't you?! But, my feet were still actually bleeding from pointe work the day before, and I didnt much fancy the idea of limping round Heebies, unshod and silently weeping. This dress again, works with heels or flats, leggins or bare legs, jumpers or pearls, its a winner.

The colour of it lent itself to monochromatic make up aswell, which saved further time and stress. The bottle of zinfandel didn't hurt either of course.

Do you have items you know you can always fall back on? Things you always feel good in? Share, we have a comment box for a reason!!

love love love xxx

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