Saturday, 30 October 2010

Links to good stuff

In the interest of essay avoidance, I have compiled a list of some good stuff on l'interne. Waste time away.

Hipster Hitler? Bizzare, but very amusing

Five top regrets of the dying is powerful and thought provoking.

This makes me happy! Spread the karma kids.

Amazing photos of nature always make me happy too.

Yoko, trees, peace - whats not to love? I want to set up one of these in Liverpool.

Street art is both funny and well worth thinking about. The people around them is part of what makes it for me!

Women? MASTURBATING? This article is good, but not for the prudish.

Everyone enjoys checking out Pin Up Photos

This video makes me SO HAPPY! I now want to travel and dance.

I love inforgraphics. An Infographic about vaginas is even better.

People wearing their dogs is just bizzarre! I mean, definately more ethical than fur, but seriously!!

Have fun being unproductive!


  1. Top 5 regrets in life made me realise how shit I am as a person, trapped in my own fat head! Mother fucker. I need more Victorian porn in my life.

  2. I absolutly adored this post! I checked out every link - Laughed super hard at the hipster hitler, and loved the video!

    Thank you for making my procrastinating time worthwhile!


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