Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Halloween! Disgusting faces and self indulgent photoshop.

Happy belated halloween everyone! I hope you all had a good time, regardless of how into halloween you are. I for one have had an awesome few days, starting with a party at Brompton Manor, home to the ghost of John Brompton, not to mention Becky Fry. The house looked amaaazing, they'd gone to so much effort, there were bloody handprints on the wall, cobwebs in the loo and skull goblets (eek!!!) to drink out of...

I was a werewolf, not, as Aarun thought, "A vampire wearing fur?!"... I thought it was obvious.

I reckon wolves are pretty much my favourite animal right now. I miss having animals in my life so much, we've always had them at home and now theres no-one to cuddle up and watch Eastenders with and get hair all over my clothes! (except Ricki, obviously). Thus, I allowed myself some extremely self indulgent and not very high quality photoshopping...

Bahahahahaha! It was a fun costume though, not too much effort (I was saving that for Monday night), and actually halloweeny as opposed to random fancy dress. I am a believer that if you're going to dress up for halloween, it should be something actually relevant.

Then Monday was LUDS Zombie Pub Golf. And, well, I made a lot of effort. It was a mega stressfull day, I'd had to go for a hospital check up at home, then I was on the train home and it was an hour late, and I was running tight anyway, so I basically ended up doing my make-up ON the train between Leeds and Liverpool.

EEEEEEEEEEW! I didn't realise how actually sickening and putrefying I looked until I saw the photos, mainly because I could barely move my eyes/mouth after having, basically, papier mached my face. On a train. In pubic.

Its safe to say I did not pull. To top it off, we had rehearsal immediately before going out, which needless to say was mainly folk alternating between exploding in laughter and rocking in the corner, crying.

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