Thursday, 4 November 2010

Walking for water, the Poverty Challenge - my friend Maggie is AMAZING

My friend Maggie is amazing. In the words of Ruth, she's the kind of person I wish I was. She's a real citizen of the world, and involved in so many ways making our world better. At the moment, she's doing the Oxfam Poverty Challenge, in which she has to walk 4 miles before she can drink every 4 litres of water. The idea is to raise money and awareness for the conditions people are living in everyday, and how much we take things for granted. This one really made me think, just how much we do take simple things like turning on the tap as granted, when for some people, clean water is just not readily available. Maggie is being wonderfully strong, and I urge you to follow her blog, support her and make a donation!!

Me and Mags at the Ellipsis Launch party, being classy as always. Bit of a contast -

Maggie, I thank you (and everyone else who is doing amazing things!) on behalf of our world!

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