Thursday, 28 October 2010

Exciting Projects Are Exciting

At the moment, I feel like I have approximately 12 billion projects racing round in my mind, tumbling over each other and frolicking. I imagine them to have little grins and leapfrog over each other, in the way that ideas do, and then to start squealing with excitement every time they play a part in my conscious life.

The one that seems to be taking precedent, because of the time limit, is Dinner, a play by Moira Buffini which I'm in with the lovely LUDS lot. Three weeks today is opening night (argfgggrabrlebablab!), so rehearsals are getting more frequent, and more intense. I have to say, LUDS (The Liverpool University Drama Society) has been one of the best parts of University for me, its such a lovely, un-cliquey bunch, and some of my best friends are the ones I've made there. Whatever your interest is, I cannot strongly enough urge you to get involved in a society or group! Its just wonderful to meet people with shared interests who will build you up and work on things with you. I'm playing the character of Sian, which is the biggest part I've played within the society so far, so I feel both highly honoured and highly nervous!

Also, I've been writing for Ellipsis Magazine, which is such an awesome opportunity. I've done some general life-style articles, and I'm also on the fashion team, headed by the wonderful Niamh Hogan, who is precisely everything a fashion editor should be. The first time I met her, at the launch party (which by the way, was utterly wonderful, I felt so classy, there were canopes and a string quartet and everything!) she looked like she'd just stepped out of a pin up poster or something, she is very glamorous and well groomed.

What else is there? Ooh, I'm on a general 'getting fit' life kick, which I blame entirely on the male members of Club Heartbreak. In the Club, theres me and Jenna, and four guys, who are all pretty into fitness and healthy eating and all that stuff. I get frowned upon for eating pizza, in my own home I tell you!!! So anyway, I joined the Liverpool Foxes (life-long dream, for real), and its actually so much fun, and not at all the cheerleading stereotype. There aren't any pom poms, and theres no chanting - its basically a mixture of dance and gymnastics, both of which I love, so its good times all round.

Still on the fitness tack, I took myself back to ballet class last week for the first time in a year, and I couldn't walk for a week, almost literally. The tale of me and ballet is a bit of a love-hate one - I am, undoubtedly, in love with ballet dance, it makes me so happy and peaceful and all those cliches, but as a rule I try and avoid blabbering to people about it, because generally, to be blunt they don't care. Then, a little under a year ago, I had to have a lode of physiotherapy on my knee - because I'd been dancing on it too much. I have hypermobile hyperextended joints anyway (kindof like being double jointed, but nowhere near as cool), and I'd stretched my the connecting bits to the point where my knee cap was basically floating around inside my leg. The thing about ballet is, you're telling your body to do pretty much the exact opposite of what it wants to do - thats what makes it so difficut, and its part of the beauty of it, but it does somewhat knacker the self. Anyway, the joints seem to be in perfect working order now, and today I got back into my pointe shoes properly for the first time in a very very long time. Felt good! I mean, obviously it felt blisteringly-bone-crushingly-painful (ahh! hello blisters and bleeding toes! How I missed you...), but it felt damn good all the same.

Then of course, there is work to be done. You know, actual education. I love my course, and I do actually enjoy doing most of the work, but finding the time to do it is becoming increasingly difficult! Must priorities... On top of this I have the guitar I'm learning to play, the occasional (read, verry rare) Philosophy meeting I can get to, trying to maintain a social life and contact with my housemates, and bobbing back and forth between Liverpool and Yorkshire to have check ups on my silly brain! Its all very busying and mind filling, but thats how I love it.

Ooh, the other thing I wanted to mention to you is a project I'm anticipating, a film called Snuff, which was written by my friend Sam and is being directed my my friend Josh. They're both very good at what they do, and I'm rather excited to work with them on this! I will update you as I myself am updated.


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  1. OO this project sounds good!
    And YEY BALLET :) so glad you're back on it! I felt like that when I started at the classes I go to now, couldn't move the next day! ...I told you I'm goin to a new class now right? It's way better than last year and I love it and I'm in a show next Saturday :) :) :) so excited! You can blabber to me about it all you want :P loves xXxXx


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