Monday, 25 October 2010

Satchel I love you.

I have been coveting a satchel for some time now, ever since I knew I was coming back to university really. There's something beautifully, archaically studious about walking round with a satchel, even if it is only full of headphones and Doritos. I did a bit of Internet wandering, and finally decided upon one from the Cambridge Satchel Company, having heard very good things. I decided on the 14" Purple - big enough for when I was actually being studious, it fits an A4 folder in, and fabulous enough for when I was pretending to be a character In Gossip Girl.

Not to be mean to the Cambridge Satchel Company, they did warn me, but it look a looong time to come. They make them to order -but it took about eight weeks. I was sad. They were however, very lovely and helpful on the phone, and they tracked my order really neatly. Anyway, this weekend it arrived, and it was even more beautiful than I had imagined...

J'adore, tres very. It makes me feel lovely, which is exactly what a good bag should do. It also has a long strap which I need, becuase I always seem to either have my hands full of something, or a bag heavier than a lead buddha. Long over the shoulder strap is good. Also, it actually FITS stuff in it, I cant be doing with diddy bags. I wish I could, but for some reason I can't leave the house without phone, purse, filofax (another life necessity), skullcandys and ipod, a selection of lip glosses/balms, camera, compact mirror, bottle of water and at least one book, usually more. These things have become painfully requisite to my life I'm afraid. But it doesn't matter, because this satchel can manage them with woderful ease, plus a file.

Ps. Doesnt it go with these shoes more than anything has ever gone with anything? I think it might!

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  1. This makes me cry. It is so beautiful and I have such a sad satchel story. It will make you cry... ENJOY YOUR BLOODY SATCHEL.


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