Saturday, 16 October 2010


Now don't get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person. Maxi dresses and hand made jewellery, barbeques and beer on beaches, long days and long naps. But, summer is most definately over, and it is time to embrace the coming season. A good coat is probably the single most important item you can buy for Autumn/Winter, because you'll likely be wearing it over all your other clothes for the next four months. It can be tricky to find the perfect coat (butwhen you do it will so be worth it!), so I came up with some tactics for hunting one down if you haven't already!
  • Consider your current style. A trench coat will not look right with brightly coloured clashing knits, nor will a parka be appropriate for someone who has to dress smartly (read: black dress, heels) for work. You need to chose something versatile that will work with the clothes you already have - you cannot rebuild your wardrobe around one coat, no matter how fabulous it is.
  • Be true to your price range. This coat will be your best friend this season, and maybe even next, so pay as much as you can for it. It will be worth it. Having said that, there are some great deals in vintage and charity shops if you're willing to rummage! (and if they're cheaper, you could buy two...)
  • Be aware of your body shape. A cape is great for girls who are pear shaped, and aviator jackets give petite girls great proportion. If you're unsure, take someone you trust to give you an honest opinion (que Mum). Again, no matter how beautiful the coat is, it has to suit you to look good.
  • Be aware of your climate. Do you live in a rainy city? (*cough*Liverpool*cough*) - if so, something waterproof, or hooded may be worth considering. How cold will it be? A light trench will not endure sub zero January mornings.
  • Be aware also of your needs. Do you need pockets? Do you need to be able to fit several woolly layers under it? Are you going to have to work in your coat, or travel?
  • Is a coat what you actually need, or would a jacket be better suited? Ought you to buy a few really thick cosy cardigans and a big umbrella instead?
  • Finally, make sure you fall in love with it. You are going to wear this most days until April (at least if you're as nesh as me), and you should feel gorgeous in it. Wearing something uninspiring and drab will not make you happy!!
For inspiration, I give you some fabulous coats, and the fabulous girls who might wear them!

Polly drank far too much coffee, she was on first name terms with the all local Starbucks employees. She deliberately took the long route home so she could go through the park and kick at the fallen leaves, and she spent every free Saturday at Architecture Exhibitions.

Louisa ran a night class, teaching Portuguese, and she marked all her pupil's work with a purple pen. She coveted a small grey dog, but knew she would never make the time to walk it. Her latest project was to cover the bannisters on her staircase in swarovski crystals, and she slept with a portrait of Elizabeth Taylor above her bed.

Edie's favourite meal was roast parsnips, just on their own. She was trying to learn to knit, but failing badly. Most of her time was spent working on her Masters in Russian Politics, but she called in sick everytime a Humphry Bogart film came on tv, she felt this was justified.

Katie worked from home, but made a great effort in her everyday appearance, because she was in love with her postman. Her Grandmother had told her that the family were related to Norweigan royalty, and she liked to daydream about the day when she would get a phone call telling her she was needed to rule.

Have a wonderful winter my beautifuls!!

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  1. Haha I was just thinking I need a new coat, I will take your advice :-)


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