Sunday, 17 October 2010

What she wore 17/10/10

In which I endulge in what some would call narcissism, I would call enthusiasm for my clothes! So today I went out with some lovley people from the English Society, and we were terrribly cultured and went to the Tate (where I saw the actual Dali Lobster phone! I got very excited, and text my mum to say I was looking at it, and she got confused and called me to ask if this meant I didnt want an iphone for christmas anymore, was the lobster the latest thing?). We ate lunch at The Egg, which is an adorable, quirky litte vegetarian cafe tucked away just off Bold Street, that you would never know about unless someone showed you. It was yummy. Although it has been very lovely and sunny today, its also been pretty chilly, so LAYERS were the word of the day. (I also blatantly copied Cheryls hair after watching last nights X factor... sad? yeh, a little)

I felt rather snuggly and nice. That cardigan is one of my All-Time-Best-Charity-Shop-Finds, it was from an Oxfam in Bridlington. Its just the perfect size, and it has good pockets. Not enough closes have good pockets.

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