Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Joy List

Joy is one of the most important things you should try and have in your life. Happiness is something everyone has a right to, but I know its not always that easy, so I came up with some fun ideas to try and kick yourself out of the funk. Next time you are bored, grumpy, sad, lonely, weary or in any way unhappy, try one, or two, or all of these!

1- Write down what you love about yourself – ON yourself! Take a (washable) felt tip and annotate, however bizarre or obvious! Slim wrists. Big eyes. Nice knees. Smooth earlobes.

2- Borrow a dog and go for a walk. Play in the leaves. Roll around on the ground. Wrestle with the dog.

3- Take yourself on a date – if you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else?! Think about what you’d love to do – see a great film, go for a romantic stroll, eat at a fancy restraunt – then do it!

4- Exercise. Predictable. Time tested. True. When you exercise, your brain floods your body with endorphins, the same thing that happens when you laugh or orgasm. Plus, you’ll get fitter, feel more attractive and meet new people. Bam.

5- Singing actually has a similar effect. Endorphins work like opiates but without the nasty comedown. It doesn’t matter if you’re terrible, be loud, be proud, and keep to the shower if you really need to!

6- Hang out with kids. Kids are joyful about the simplest of things, and you should be too.

7- Even if you’re only going to slob around the house all day, get dressed. You’ll feel better about yourself if you look good when you glance in the mirror, and somehow it makes the day seem like it wasn’t a waste. Don’t ask me how, it just does.

8- Do NOT ‘let yourself off’ – just because you’re feeling down is no excuse to not go to the gym or lecture, not do your coursework, not do the washing up. This will only make you feel worse. Even if you’ve had a crappy day, you’ve done something which needed to be done, ergo, your day was, in some way, a success.

9- Try to make someone else happy. Often we get so bogged down in our own grumpiness that we forget we’re not the only person in the world. Try focusing the attention on someone else for a bit – simply making them a cup of tea, making them a card to say thanks, asking them what sort of a day they’ve had will make them happy, and hopefully put things in perspective for you. Start the flow of positive energy.

10- Flirt. With someone entirely inappropriate and unexpected.

11- Walk around in your underwear listening to John Coltrane or something equally sultry and drink only out of martini glasses

12- Learn to make something awesome with origami.

13- Support a local stand up club – it’s good to be part of the community, they’re usually really cheap, and laughter speaks for itself as a cheer up.

14- Watch your favourite childhood film (The Lion King never fails me)

15- Do something that scares you. The rush of success will blast you out of your funk, its character building.

16- Grab some friends and have a picnic. It’s just simple and cheap as eating inside, but it feels like an occasion and its good to get outdoors!

17- Go to Asda, buy vast quantities of junk food. Make a cake, and decorate said cake with said junk food. Mars Bars work surprisingly well as filler, and chocolate spread is very good for sticking on Haribo.

18- Plan an epic holiday you could never afford. Where you’d stay, who you’d take, what you’d eat, the full shebang.

19- Buy a plant. Name it. Love it.

20- Write a list of practical, simple things you could do to improve your life.

21- Flick through old photos, preferably with someone you can reminisce with. “Oh my gosh, remember the time we saw that old man with the lobster on his head and then you danced with those Siamese twins?!”

22- Draw pictures of your friends with wax crayons and send them to them as postcards.

23- Create! It doesn’t matter what you do, write, cook, paint, make a vlog, make a montage of a video game, I dunno! Just give existence to something that wouldn’t have existed without you.

24- Smile at everyone you walk past, whether you know them or not. They WILL smile back.

25- Learn to say a few basic sentences in a bizarre foreign language. Swahili anyone?

26- Make your bed when you get up in the morning. I know, I can’t really be bothered either, but it makes such a difference to the feel of your bedroom!

27- Give yourself an amount of money (fiver?) and hit poundland. Buy anything you see that you fancy, and then go home and play with it.

28- Jump on the vanity train and take photos of yourself looking good. You don’t have to show anyone, just revel in your own gorgeousness!

29- Spend quality time with yourself. Interpret that in whatever way you will.

30- Invent a cocktail and name it after yourself.

31- Indulge in your guilty pleasure. Pasta sandwiches? Repeats of Glee? Barbara Streisand?!

32- Go to a very expensive shop, where the assistants glare at you, try on twenty different things you cant afford, ask for different sizes and colours, and then leave, saying you’ll send daddy in later to pay for it.

33- Play Frisbee.

34- Cuddle! Hug! EMBRACE! Never underestimate the power of human contact.

35- Know that no matter how bad it is, it will pass, and you will feel ok again soon.

Any more ideas?

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