Thursday, 7 October 2010

Skullcandy orgasms

I got a belated birthday present yesterday, from my beautiful A1 Mafia - Club Heartbreak and the Loveshack combined. They all clubbed together and got me some BEEF skullcandy headphones, and I think I'm in love.

I'm not really into technology, so when I first got them I was like, 'ahh awesome, I'm gna look so ghetto in these!'. But then I plugged them in and WOWOW. It was actually like hearing my music for the first time, I could hear all sorts of subtle beats and musical nuances I'd never heard before. It was amazing. Hyperbole aside, seriously, it was amazing. I dont know much about good headphones - George tells me Skullcandy are the best, James says they arent', but having gone from earphones which cost a fiver to these beasts, I really can vouch for the difference it makes.

Theres the sexy fuckers, right there. Bangin.

On another note, wasn't Liverpool pretty today? I love the Wigwam.

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