Monday, 22 November 2010

Campus Style - November 2010

In which I accosted members of the student body, took photos of them and made them talk to me! Hopefully this will be a monthly feature, but we'll see how willing people are to participate!!

Name? Sam Bulter

Course/year? Second Year History

 What hobbies/interests do you have? Any societies? Drama and football, also working at Topman, although that’s not so much a hobby as a necessity!

 How would you describe your style? Not really sure how to describe my style, I suppose Its kinda modern dare I say the word 'popstar', hopefully more ordinary boys than wham! but I don't really follow a specific style, I tend to buy what I like the look of and throw it in with what else I’ve got!
What/who inspires your style? Inspiration is Preston from the ordinary boys, he can generally do no wrong, and as much as I would like to think David Beckham chooses his own clothes I guess it's his stylist who should be on the list!
Where do you like to shop in Liverpool? If only for staff discount purchases I'm pretty exclusively Topman, but when I fancy pushing the boat out I like Urban Outfitters, and Hollister.

Name? Ruth Laura Dalton

I’m doing my Masters in Philosophy, but this is my third year at the University of Liverpool. I hope this doesn't confuse you. I spent my first year at the University of Leeds being miserable but still stylish. I once wore my pyjamas to lectures.

 What hobbies/interests do you have? Any societies? I love drama and being the president of the philosophy society and chair of student council and I love to bake while watching videos of sneezing pandas. Seriously though, I love LUDS and Philosophy as well as occassionally blogging  and... ugh, why isn't drinking cider and black a hobby?!

 How would you describe your style? I would describe my style as lazy for the majority of the time but with hopefully, a feminine twist.

 What/who inspires your style? I am mostly inspired by the students and people I see around me. Liverpool has such a hideous reputation for clothing, with velour tracksuits and hair in rollers but I think Liverpool has much more to aspire to than that. I also love the style of Emily at I would steal her entire wardrobe in a single second if I could.
Where do you like to shop in Liverpool? I like to shop anywhere and everywhere in Liverpool. I work in Cult, so it's always my first point of call and being a poor student, Primark, pathetically, for everything else!

* you can follow Ruth's blog at !!

Name? Nathan Thorpe (@nathorpe, for a shameless Twitter plug)

 Course/year? Orthoptics, third year

 What hobbies/interests do you have? Any societies? Does gin count as a hobby, because I'm very interested in it. Not a member of any societies officially, but am a frequent LUDS-botherer.

 How would you describe your style? A friend recently told me it was "high street fashion meets office geek, with indie undertones" and I'd say that about sums it up.

 What/who inspires your style? Wouldn't really say I have one inspiration, just try to recreate anything I see on tv that I think looks good, but on a student budget.
Where do you like to shop in Liverpool? Zara Man is brilliant, and not too expensive. I love all the clothes in Desigual too, but unfortunately it's way out of my price range!

Aren't they all fabulous? If you know someone more stylish than Anna Wintour and David Bowie's lovechild, who you think ought to feature next month - or if you put a lot of thought into your own style and want some appreciation! - drop a comment, or a message to
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  1. Danny,Sussex: I think Nathan looks rather dashing! - nice article :)


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