Sunday, 28 November 2010

Mello Mello Jazz and Sequins

Last night, we celebrated the 21st birthday of future Prime Minister Pru Beaumont, who is both lovely and wonderful! I had anticipated a classy night, because Pru is just a very classy lady, but she truly surpassed herself, it was amazing! We went to a gorgeous little Jazz Club on the corner of Slater Street, Mello Mello, where we drank organic, ethically sourced alcohol, ate DELICIOUS home made, Indian canopes, revelled in the free and strong punch, and wiggled our sparkling bottoms to the jazz band.

Look! Its a mirror framed with pieces of a broken tea set! I should do this, I break mugs all the time... what a pretty idea though!

Lampshades and typewriters looked LOVELY!

Well, chandeliers are always a favourite.

Look how thrilled I am to have found a real old fashioned sewing machine. I blame the punch!

love x

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