Monday, 29 November 2010

What (they) wore 27/11/10

So fellow blogger and I Ruth went to the afore mentioned awesome party, and, though there was some tension over whether it was appropriate to both turn up in sequins, we agreed it was entirely appropriate, and anyway, our dresses were very different cuts.

This dress was a gift from one of my Mum's friends, at first I was afraid, but then I realised I loved it. Plus cardigan - because, for real, its cold.

Add to obscenely large, Edie Sedgewick inspired ring, good for knocking on doors without bashing one's knuckles. Also, I dunno why my hand looks that podgy. I swear its not.

And THE shoes, the comfy and gorgeous and wonderful shoes.

Sparkles. It can only mean one thing - CHRISTMAS IS NEARLY HERE!!!

And Ruth, who wore black sequins with essential winter tights and velvet black heels.

Yes, our pose is contrived. Its how celebrities are taught to stand. I know, the internet told me so!!


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