Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things I love Thursday 25/11/10

A roundup of things that made me happy this week, as a reminder of how lucky I am and to keep my fuzzy little heart warm in the chilly winter air! This is something a lot of bloggers do, not my idea, but I think it was inspired by, and she asked us to get involved, so here we are!

The fact that its exactly a month until Christmas! ♥ Cooking proper, hearty meals for a friend's birthday ♥ Finding joyous new ways of wearing my hair up this piece of music ♥ Dogs that smile at me on Smithdown♥ REINDEER outside Clayton Square! ♥ Planning new exciting projects ♥ Philosophical debates Peaceful protesting about important issues ♥ Layering up and making intrepid treks to the Sydney Jones at night ♥ Bumping into people in the library (read: procrastination excuses) ♥ Looking forward to a visit from Will! ♥ Moisturiser that smells so good I want to eat myself ♥ Excitement for Gogol Bordello this song Getting invited to posh events that make me feel important ♥ Buskers ♥ The que for Greggs dissipating as soon as I arrive  this song ♥ Maggie Hayes, for being the most inspiring idiot I know ♥ Finding wine called 'Rio' ♥ The smell of books that haven't been read since the '70s ♥ Borlotti beans ♥ Monday lunches that turn into faint, debauched memories ♥ Beards ♥ Meeting new people who challenge how I see the world ♥ Finding a website that will Harvard Reference for me  and this dance!, forever and always!!

What made you happy this week?

love love love x


  1. Who you going Gogol Bordello with? Love Josh and Becky of Brompton x

  2. Oh you beautiful thing! Thank you for reminding us to be thankful (also, we need some kind of Maggie appreciation group! so much love) xxx

  3. My friend Will from home... are you lovely folk of the manor going?!

  4. only the best ones ;)


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