Thursday, 25 November 2010

Things I should know by now #214 - The world is mad.

In protest against cuts to education funds, students from the University of Liverpool stormed... oh wait, the Liverpool student guild. Isn't that... er... isn't the guild's job to support students? Oh. The guild is on the student's side right? So erm, they were attacking the one building in the city thats there purely there for their use and support? But... that makes no sense. No Rio. No it does not.

Sarah Palin - "We've got to stand with our North Korean allies!"

...but Sarah? Is North Korea not the problem? Has North Korea not ALWAYS been the problem?... oh. Slip of the tongue. No no, sure, its ok, we all do it. Its not like its a point of political tension. It's not like you're trying to make yourself out to be credible in time for the 2012 elections or anything...

Its ok, theres alway the Sydney Jones to fall back on. The good old SJ, library to the arts and humanities of one of Britains oldest universities. Plethora of knowledge and reasoning, beckoning to the minds of Generation Y with open arms and fair trade coffee.


Today, I was kept out of the library by the police. The law physically stood in the way of my learning! Now, I think the police did a brilliant job today, and I'm sure it was for everyone's safety blah blah blah, but it was just so bizzarre!!

"But Officer!! I want to learn!! I have a 2000 word essay to hand in tomorrow! And it actually COUNTS!"


"..... I guess spark notes will do..."

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