Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Awesome Shoes, and the women who might wear them

Christian Louboutin Glitter Covered Leather Peep Toe Pumps - £518

Maisy worked as a runner at a local T.V station, but her real dream was to create graphic novels. She had a collection of over 1000 2B pencils that she somehow kept accumulating, and lived in a flat above a travel agents with her rabbit, Batman,

Christian Louboutin Ronfifi 100 Boot - £695

Kate had her own business making and selling bespoke cushions, and she was fluent in both French and Italian. She was married to an engineer in the RAF, but when they were in the bedroom, it was her who gave all the orders.

Nicholas Kirkwood for Erdem silk and black leather hiking boots - £710

Poppy owned a vegetarian cafe with her boyfriend, and spent a lot of time attempting (and failing) to bake cakes for them to sell. They did a great trade though, mainly because of the open mic nights, where Poppy's Joni Mitchell covers were legendary.

TOUNDRA 140 Booties - £1190

 Laura was a travel journalist, who'se latest assignment was to write a piece on eating out in Moscow. Naturally, she had to try all of the restraunts personally, but after being offered Reindeer meat, she went back to her hotel room, ate Maltesars and watched Dr Zhivago.

Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Sandals with Beaded Panel - £540

Lucy was supposedly an interior designer, but in reality spent more time playing jungles with her sister's toddler. Her dream was to own a marble bath, but judging by the amount she spent on these shoes, it was going to be a while!!


  1. Maisy sounds like my type of girl! Haha ;) I don't know anything about shoes, but some of these look so nice :)

  2. please tell me where the clothes are from as well! I have to have them. HAVE TO

  3. which ones? they're tooo expensive!

  4. okay so the outfits are fantastic even if some of them dont go together they are some lovely pieces that you can imagine would be in the same wardrobe. These I LOVE. but the descriptions are just so make believe to them it makes no sense and kind of takes away from the clothes.

  5. I love the descriptions, they make the clothes more fun! Your so creative i love your blog!

  6. Hey anon, thanks for your comment! I never intended the descriptions to be believable - for me its a little like playing dress up, the fun is in the fantasy! I would wear all of the outfits I put together, maybe our styles just differ - although I definately think that fashion should be about taking risks and trying new things, even if it doesn't always work. For me, the descriptions add a little bit of life to the clothes - a starting point from which your mind can wander - the fact that its not realistic is what I love! I can live a regular and mundane life in normal clothes every day!


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