Friday, 31 December 2010

Things I love Thursday 30/12/10

Belated a tad. This is due partly to the fact that I'm currently residing in what can only really be described as a field, and partly due to the fact that I've spent the majority of the day being very grumpy. But then, I guess the whole point of this was to remember the good things and be more thankful, so I'm going to make my silly self do it!

The main one this week, quite predictable has to be family, but I am SO lucky to have such a vast and lovely gene pool that I can't not. Family madness ensued...

I can offer no real explanation for this, it was exactly as it appears to be. Why would my sister and I not be wearing bin liners covered in balloons?!

♥ The insane amount of love you receive in return for walking a dog ♥ The best behaved baby ever! ♥ My brother genuinely enjoying quorn ♥ My new Blackberry - literally life changing ♥ Leftover food ♥ Doing sales shopping online - approximately 1 billion times less stress ♥ Getting back into your own bed ♥ Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner - again, pretty life changing ♥ Promise of The Black Swan! ♥ Geeking out over sudoku ♥ Absolute JOY over remembering this bad boy - click it!!! ♥ "You get free dessert on Mondays? It is Monday. YESSSS!" ♥  Origami compliments. ♥  Getting lost in music and fog ♥  Lusting for Christian Louboutins ♥  Lusting, generally. ♥ Apprendre à parler français

I do now feel somewhat less grumpy. Success!


  1. ANIMALS OF FATHING WOOD, YES! Do you per chance remember Noah's Island as well? Oisky Poisky!

  2. no one genuinely enjoys quorn...


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