Monday, 27 December 2010

New Year's Eve - What I wish I was wearing.

Humpf at not having endless money to spend in the sales, but joy for planning New Year's Eve outfits! The one night of the year where you can really dress up, even if you're just going to the pub, without looking out of place. NYE is a big deal for our family, so we'll all be getting together at someone's house, but the dress code is definately smart. I love it, but there's a big part of me wishes I was back in Liverpool! Heres what I'd be wearing if I had a spare £10 000...
Little nod to Hogmanay and the Scots there with the tartan dress - plus sparkly shoes, sparkly jewels and some flirty eyelashes.

Red cannot fail for parties. Red dress, classic red lips, vintage curls and some Swarovski.

Total, unadulterated, shameless glamour with lots of gold and black. I think I will be wearing a long black dress on Friday.

What are you planning on wearing?

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